What Next?

Since I got home from my study visit, I have been surprisingly energised with the sense of achievement that I completed the trip without missing any planes or getting sick or losing my passport or getting mugged or  any major social gaffs (that I am aware of!).

It is a requirement of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust that I now write a report summarising  what I have learnt and how lessons can be implemented here in the UK. When that is accepted it goes on their website  www.wcmt.org  for anyone to read; that completes my ‘fellowship’ and I get a WCMT medallion. AWESOME as they say in New York.

From a personal perspective, I am itching to put what I have learnt into practice and have just heard  that a new project is going to fund myself and a sound artist to work with fifty older people to create an installation of words and sounds which will be available for audiences to glimpse ‘the emotional landscape of older people living in rural north Northumberland.’  More about that when we start in November, then there will be more blogging and more learning and more travel- but this time in my own local area. And…. more dog walking on spectacular Northumberland beaches.

Back on my own beach- with The Foxett Sisters- Juno and Indigo.

Back on my own beach- with The Foxett Sisters- Juno and Indigo.