Is this England?

Next time the Tories and UKIP want a debate about ‘What it means to be English?’ they should come over here to Victoria, especially Oak Bay which is very much like Torquay with same demographics and same climate. Even the locals say it is more English than England with its pubs and tea shops. Actually,  the houses are  more Canadian with weather-boarding, porches and local trees. See pic of the only indigenous broad leaf species- the Arbutus- specially for the horticulturalists reading this.

Today I had a totally ‘study-free’ day. Instead went for a long walk along Beach Drive and a trip to the lovely, gorgeous, wooden-floored Munros bookshop and bought a novel by my favourite Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje.

So, last day here and end of Study Leave Phase 1 (going to New York, Milwaukee and Nova Scotia in September for Phase 2)so I’ll continue blogging but maybe less frequently as I process all the information I’ve gathered, not to mention the escapades of the hounds, Indigo and Juno. IMG_0562[1]


4 thoughts on “Is this England?

  1. Louise says:

    Helloooo Romi
    It’s taken me too long to get to this and now your on your way back to the uk!
    I’ve loved reading your blog and your observations on identity. I look forward to hearing more when you are over any jet lag.

  2. Great to have a sense of your adventures Romi – thanks for all the posts. It sounds like it has been a really positive and interesting time. I have loved seeing hints of all the art, and also bits about some of the themes (identity for example) that are present in your interactions and thoughts.

  3. Anna says:

    Romi I am serious;y worried about that tree… it is so bereft of leaves! Is this typical, or is this one sickly I wonder???

    • Sat in vancouver airport with a long journey still but a little corner of wifi. Not sure about the leafless tree. They’re a bit like eucalyptus the way they lose the bark. It did look a bit naked but it had the most gorgeous red auburn bark. See you soon. –

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