Looking back, looking forward, a love of purple.

Leaving the mainland, heading for the island.

Leaving the mainland, heading for the island.

Today I met with a local writer who works with individual older people using poetry, memoir and letter-writing. She was kind enough to invite me to her weekly session with an older woman with significant memory loss; they have been working together for nearly two years. Each week they spend time in a private study room in the local library looking at travel books and photos, sometimes taking a walk in the park to sit under an old Garry oak. Throughout their time together they have written numerous poems based on conversations about past and present moments. Today when the client heard these poems read back, her eyes filled with tears and she clutched at her stomach, saying repeatedly ‘I feel it here, I feel it here.’ Sometimes the emotion was loss, sometimes it was joy, mostly it was the connection between client and writer that gives her the possibility of being simply present in moment of sharing words, thoughts, memories, a love of purple.

This evening I also had another invitation from a local contact for drinks and dessert in their lovely home. What a fab chocolate cake with berries and ice cream. Then a tour around local places of interest as the sun went down- local deer with its babies grazing in the University grounds, a view of Washington state from the highest point in Victoria, then the lights of a huge cruise ship docked in the harbour, en route for Alaska. This Canada is quite a place.


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