Ferries, fanny bags and Fan Tan Cafe.

IMG_0559[1]Eleven nights in Vancouver city and I was feeling like a local.   Anyway, time to move on to Victoria, Vancouver Island,  via coach/ferry package.  Several Americans were on the same plan so I had four hours of their company;  although we speak the same language, I was still bemused by the guy asking his wife to hand over her ‘fanny bag.’

It was a scenic ferry journey between several smaller islands that looked almost uninhabited apart from dense pine forests  and occasional beach shacks.  Victoria is the ‘legislative capital’ of British Columbia, built by Mawson from Leeds in 1898 – and it shows- bit like Harrogate on  Sea.  It’s a popular place for tourists with  whale watching and   ferries to the USA which is just a few nautical miles away.

I certainly don’t  get the same ‘buzz’ that I experienced all the time I was in Vancouver which is probably because I like to be either ‘Uptown Cultural Capital’  or ‘ Out of Town Deserted Countryside and Beaches’.    Sadly I won’t have time to see much of the wild side of Vancouver Island which is apparently  spectacular.

However, there’s always the opportunity to try a new place to eat   so I sought out Chinatown. I had thought  that maybe I was  falling in love with tofu, until I had dinner in the Fan Tan Café, now I’ve fallen out of love with tofu-again.
Tomorrow I’m off for the day with a poet who writes memoirs and life stories with individual older people.


2 thoughts on “Ferries, fanny bags and Fan Tan Cafe.

  1. John and Kerry says:

    Well hello Romi,
    We have just caught up with your blog, it is great!
    So stylish and well written ….well done you.
    Looking forward to the next bit.
    It’s really interesting thinking about identity or even thinking about thinking.Do we need words to think,if we lose words can we no longer think but only feel? So is identity bound up in the words that we remember and therefore shape our thoughts ultimately defining ourself -ness?
    Will you be catching up with Gita and her parents I wonder?
    Keep on blogging.

    • yes – met Jean and Shrini last night- Gita away with her pals.
      identity? well I think art speaks as loud as words, but my own views on identity is that is ‘multiple and shifting’
      but more on that… thanks for reading the blog.

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